Why it matters to fight authorities' misconduct In the heart of Europe

In 2021, many artists in the world made some money selling their art as NFTs. But what happened to me is unique. It is the only country in the world and the only case of this attitude.

When it all started, I chose the most honest and correct way: I got acquainted with the legislation, I called the State Revenue Service, I called the bank, I filled out tax reports, and I paid as much tax as possible. I was summoned to the Latvian Security Service, and there, I fully confirmed how I earned and the origin of the money. There was simply no other more honest and legal way! In gratitude for this, I am initially treated worse than a criminal. And the police are arrogantly demonstrating their power and humiliating me.

No one deserves the treatment I got:

  • My accounts and all my assets were blocked without advance notice.
  • After the accounts were blocked, the police broke the law, did not send me a notice of arrest, and deprived me of the opportunity to protest legally.
  • For three months, they deliberately concealed the arrest notice from me, refusing to talk to my lawyer and me and ignoring instructions from higher authorities.
  • The decision to arrest was filed with clear violations of the law, and they knew about it and deliberately delayed the process, not allowing us to protest the arrest.
  • After the court ruling that the arrest was unlawful, the investigator resigned. A new investigator signed a new arrest warrant with the prosecutor within three days, doing so as a matter of urgency on Sunday. During this period, the bank refused to unblock my accounts.
  • My taxes owed to the state are 2.2 million EUR, and I can't pay them. Every day my debt increases because I can't pay it off.
  • No one on the police force was cooperative from the beginning. I was immediately treated worse than a criminal.
  • All this time, I am without my money, without being able to legally earn, without being able to pay the bills.

Based on the text of the seizure request, I am suspected of laundering criminally obtained money through an elaborate criminal scheme at the very time when my activity as an artist is transparent. Suppose they somehow manage to win by ignoring common sense and vast amounts of the most diverse information about my activities, including every transaction. In that case, it will be a terrible signal to every European artist who has sold NFTs. It would mean that we are all at risk. That we are considered criminals.