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My message to the Latvian police

When I started getting my first money from selling art in the form of NFTs, there was no question of whether to legalize that income or not. I know how the state functions and why I have to pay taxes. I am a citizen of Latvia, I love my country. So I took all the steps to pay tax on all my income. Understanding that this area is entirely new and there can be no norms in the legislation at this time, I consulted with the VID (State Revenue Service) and with the bank. I read all the current legislation. And following all the necessary procedures to ensure everything was fair and within the law. My activity as an artist brought 3.1 million euros in taxes to the country. And I was happy to make such a contribution to my homeland. I didn't scam anyone or break any laws. I was confident that I was doing the right thing and that I would get support from my country.

But instead of support or at least dialogue, I received a dismissive attitude and the arrest of accounts. How you have treated me since February 14, 2022, has undermined my opinion of your structure:

  • Absolute unwillingness to cooperate.
  • Communicating from a position of power and authority.
  • Violations of the law.
  • Keeping me in the dark about my status.
  • The decision to arrest not only all of my property but also everything I will earn in the future (!).

I can't find a rational explanation for why state agency workers would have any reason to do that to anyone.

But I can make assumptions. My first assumption is that those behind this may have a different purpose than legitimate, and the enormous amount of money provokes it. I hope in this case an internal investigation will resolve these issues, and if the perpetrators are found, they will be punished. In this case, it is the personal responsibility of those who decided to do it.

My second guess is sadder. I assume that the Latvian police are staffed by people who do not want to work or highly incompetent. That I was a victim of criminal negligence. Because it would take at least half an hour to realize that I'm an artist and make money by selling my art. Yes, this is a new sphere with a high entry threshold, and you have to learn a lot to get into it. But in today's world, all professions require constant training and professional development. But in any case, it was possible to understand that I was not a criminal and start cooperating with me. However, even people who have committed crimes have more rights than you left me on February 10. I do not mind blocking the accounts as long as we work together to determine how these funds got there and where they came from. We would act together in the interest of the state. Instead, you are using the power you have been given to dispose of human destiny at your whim, destroying everything in your path.

I didn't think it was possible in 2022 in a European Union member country. But you convinced me otherwise. Thanks to your actions, I cannot pay my gross income tax of 2.2 million euros in an account you have arrested. After a while, the state will begin to impose penalties on me for each day overdue. And from one of the largest taxpayers, I will turn into a debtor.

This site directly proves the absurdity of your accusations and my innocence. Now everyone can see how I conduct my business. But a side effect will be that everyone will know how the Organized Crime Division of the Latvian Police behaves with honest people.

I had a choice. I could not withdraw anything in the Latvian bank, pay absolutely no taxes, or change residence, and pay much less tax. There was no reason why I should not do that except one. I am a patriot. I have beliefs about how society should develop and what principles should be based on. So for me, you are now those who oppose these principles. You are the reason why the people of Latvia are hiding their income. You are the reason why so many people living in the "gray" zone. Because it is easier to hide money and not to pay taxed than to deal with you. You don't even talk to us. You make arrests.

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