The Story

How to investigate

One of the goals of this site is to give everyone (including investigators of the Latvian police), even those not versed in cryptocurrency and NFT issues, an opportunity to understand the sources of the funds I earned in 2021, which are the subject of claims by the Latvian police.

All transactions occurring in the blockchain are recorded forever and can never be changed. It gives full transparency to my activities as Crypto Artist.

The Income Data section contains:

  • All transaction data related to purchasing my art on the primary market.
  • Information on royalties from the two main platforms I sold my art on.
  • Table with all the collectors who have ever bought my art
  • Data on my transfers to Coinbase, conversions, and withdrawals to SEB bank.

Transaction data investigation with Etherscan

Transaction hash is a unique identifier of any transaction in the Ethereum network. Knowing it, you can find out all the details about the transaction that took place.

Wallet investigation with Etherscan

The Ethereum blockchain stores the entire history of each wallet. All data can be obtained using the Etherscan service.

Wallet collection investigation with OpenSea

With OpenSea, you can quickly and conveniently view the collection stored in the wallet. Collectors also often add additional information about themselves to their profiles.

Wallet investigation with Breadcrumbs

The Breadcrumbs app is explicitly designed to track the most obvious wallet connections. For example, the movement of large sums of money or the main wallets with which transactions were made. For multiple use, you need to register in the service, and for full functionality you need to pay a subscription (but if you are a representative of the Latvian police, I can do it for you)

My message to the Latvian police